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At My Savior’s Feet: Life-changing Lessons from the Master Storyteller

“At My Savior’s Feet” is a six-week Bible study that invites you to listen intently to Jesus, the Master Storyteller, as He instructs your heart and mind through His life-changing parables.

Each day has a scripture reading, a relatable and insightful commentary and a journal page with optional action steps to take your study of the passage as deep as you’d like to go.

This study was co-authored with the HelloMornings writing team. To find out more about HelloMornings and additional studies click here.

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HM - Instagram-2Caught by Jesus: a 6-Week Study in the Gospel of Mark

Is it your desire to hear directly from the Lord? Are you longing for Jesus to speak to you personally? Guess what!?! He wants that too. And not only does He want to speak to you, but He wants to do it in a very personal and meaningful way.

The short devotionals, memory verses, and simple questions of this verse-by-verse study of the Gospel of Mark are designed to direct your attention to what Jesus is whispering to your heart. As you read the pages of your Bible and of this study, allow your attention to be caught by Jesus so that you can hear directly from Him.


  • 5 days of study per week
  • Additional review & reflection questions for days 6 & 7
  • A companion journal, designed to help you organize your thoughts around the verses and words that have caught your attention, is also available

Download the first chapter for free.  {{First Chapter}}

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img_1494-2And When You Pray:Understanding the Lord’s Prayer

And When You Pray is a 10-day bible study written to help you understand the Lord’s prayer, become more comfortable speaking with your Lord and Savior, and encourage you to submit to the Father’s will for your life.

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